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125-500ml Olive Oil Glass Dispenser Vinegar Pourer Bottles Kitchen Cooking Tool


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                  Material: Glass
                  Color: Transparent
                  Rectangle size:
                  250ml: 5.5 x 19cm
                  500ml: 5.8 x 26cm
                  Round size:
                  250ml: 8 x17cm
                  500ml: 10 x 20cm
                  Suitable for: Soy sauce, vinegar, oil container


                  1. This collection will allow you an easy and efficient way of storing your condiments, making this a must for any household.
                  2. Ideal for Dispensing Cooking Oils, Dressings and Vinegars, A must have for your kitchen.
                  3. Pouring spout makes dispensing easy and keeps spills to a minimal, covered pour nozzles Keeps Bugs/Dust Out.
                  4. The all-transparent glass material, combined with meticulous manual techniques, makes the teapot inexplicably reveal a moving brilliance, which is very attractive.
                  5. The glass teapot can be heated by an alcohol stove, a candle and other heating tools without exploding. It can also be taken out from the refrigerator and immediately infused with boiling water, which is beautiful, practical and convenient.
                  6. The long-term use of glass teapot products does not peel off the sheet, it has strong mechanical strength and good thermal shock resistance.

                  Package Included:
                  1 x Oil Vinegar Pourer Glass Bottle

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