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20L Electric Backpack Sprayer Fogger Nebulizer Machine Disinfection Ultra-micro Sprayer Industrial Agriculture Indoor Office Disinfection Sterilization


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                  20L Electric Backpack Sprayer Fogger Nebulizer Machine Disinfection Ultra-micro Sprayer Industrial Agriculture Indoor Office Disinfection Sterilization
                  –Type: Sprayer
                  –Size: 370 * 185 * 505 (mm)
                  –Net weight: 2.2 (kg)
                  –Capacity: 16-20L
                  –Working voltage: 12V
                  –Working pressure: 0.2-0.4MPa
                  –Spray volume: 0.3L / min
                  –Spray distance: 6-10M
                  –Power supply type: Electric
                  –Applicable objects: tea trees, vegetables, lawns, fruit trees, roadside hedges
                  –Application areas: forestry, agriculture
                  –The machine is composed of a storage liquid backpack, a lithium battery (polymer), a liquid pump and a liquid discharge system. The liquid pump is driven by the lithium battery, and the liquid in the bag is sucked into the liquid pump through the small liquid inlet filter and liquid pump inlet hose Inside, it is pressed out by the liquid pump and then sprayed out through the liquid discharge system.
                  1. High pressure and wide range of dense fog: the fog nozzle is slender, the fog volume is high, the fog droplet area is large, and the fog droplet is uniform.
                  2. Water and electricity isolation switch: external one-button switch design, easy to use, safe and reliable .. 
                  Leakage protection device: equipped with leakage protection, safe and reliable .. 
                  3. Large caliber feeding: large caliber, convenient feeding, saving time, equipped with filter, eliminating the elimination of funnel ..
                  4. Battery life mode, charging 8-10 hours, battery life 6 hours, high-strength battery life
                  5. Applicable scenarios: Applicable scope: disinfection of houses, flowers, disinfection of syringes in schools and hospitals, etc.

                  Reference for use:
                  1. When leaving the factory, the battery power is 50%, please fully charge the battery before use, the charger shows green light
                  2. When charging the battery, first connect the charger to AC power, and then insert the charger socket into the battery jack. When the red light of the charger is on, it means that the charging has started, and when the green light is on, continue to charge, and complete one charge
                  3. The general charging time is less than 8-10 hours, the charger will be slightly warm when charging
                  4. Put the machine in a safe place, take out the battery and connect it to the charger or directly connect the charger to charge
                  5. When spraying, open the switch or open the adjustable speed switch, and close the corresponding switch when stopping
                  6. After use, clean the interior with clean water
                  7. The use of highly corrosive liquids is prohibited
                  8. When the battery is insufficient, please stop the application or replace the battery before operation
                  9. It is forbidden to short circuit the positive and negative poles of the battery. When charging, the battery temperature must not exceed 40 degrees.
                  10. Please charge the battery in time after use. When storing it for a long time, please charge the battery regularly. It is recommended to charge it once a month
                  11. Please keep the charging base and switch dry and clean
                  Safety warning:
                  1. Do not immerse the device in liquid or hit it.
                  2. Do not open or remove the battery and pump fluid without authorization
                  3. Do not let children play with the machine
                  4 Do not use a charger with a damaged power cord or a charger that does not match
                  5. Please do not charge the battery in a cool and humid environment or thunder and rain
                  6. If the appearance of the lithium battery is damaged and the internal materials are exposed, please do not continue to use it to avoid danger.
                  7. Do not approach an open flame to avoid explosion
                  Package Included:
                  1 * Sprayer

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