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Arkbird-Nano Autopilot Extreme Small Volume 15.2g OSD ATT Flight Control Current Sensor With GPS for RC Drones VTOL FPV Airplane


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                  Limit small size! The Arkibird Nano autopilot system has come into the market. The single autopilot with single CPU, integrated pixel-level OSD and AAT airborne module, net weight is only 15.2g, matched with the small size current sensor, perfect for racing drones, small size FPV aircrafts.

                  Brand name: Arkbird
                  Model: Arkbird-Nano

                  Size: 3.8 *3.8 *1.7cm
                  Weight: 15.2g
                  Working voltage: 12V

                  1.With high-precision air speed meter; air and ground speed control and protection.
                  2.High-definition Pix-level OSD menu with data graph display and 8 kinds of 3D animation plane models. 
                  3.Integrated AAT airborne module, can work with Arkbird AAT ground module directly.
                  4.Support SBUS or PPM input, 7 channel servo output, with autostability output on the PTZ.
                  5.Intelligent flap control and release, can be controlled by speed and set up mix control through channel 1-7 (aileron-flaps).  
                  6.More mixed control include delta wing and V-tail wing, and Bi-motor plane, Bi-motor flying wing 
                  and butterfly brake (mixed control of 1247channel).
                  7.Support Arkbird 433 10channel and RSSI single wire transmission.
                  1.Function all in one broad, on broad IMU (Inertial measurement unit), OSD (On Screen Display), barometer 
                  Attitude sensor, 12V-5V regulation chip, “ESC + voltage regulation” dual power supply. Industrial reliable 
                  2.Plug & Play design, no needed to weld any wire. 
                  3.Can be installed flatwise or sidewise, suitable for small aircraft. 
                  4. Intelligent PID controller. Easy to adjust. 
                  5. Adjust parameters by OSD menu and radio stick. 
                  6. Power & Video voltage, Go-home direction, radar mark, flight time, horizon, total distance, and power 
                  consumption, etc, can be displayed on Screen. 
                  7.One button auto-leveling, stick back to center, plane can fly levelly. 
                  8. One button RTH (return-to-home), lost radio signal return-home.
                  More extended functions:
                  1.Launch Assist: Run up with aircraft in hands, when the speed is higher than 5kmph, the throttle will start 
                  output and automatically control the take-off. 
                  2.Fence Mode: Out of rectangle area or safe height, it returns automatically, best helper for beginner 
                  3.Waypoint Mode: It is able to trace the Way Point Set by menu. 
                  4.Hover Mode: Regard the hover position as balance position, nose up and keep steady 
                  5.Cruise Flight: Keep a straight & constant-height flight. 
                  6.Flap Control: Lower the flap surface automatically when speed is insufficient. 
                  7.Butterfly Brake: Mixed control Make the fly wing change its direction smoothly without aileron inclining 
                  8.Flight Record: Records the time, voyage, data of power consumption and various maximum records of the 
                  9.Gyro Mode: It will do compensation for unintentional attitude changes to keep 3D angle status. 
                  10.PTZ Output: When the flight is tilting, channel 5&6 will give an opposite compensation, so as to level the 
                  11.Semi-Balance Mode: When the CH1 and CH2 of rocker is less than 50%, the plane is in Balance Mode. When the rocker is more than 50%, the plane is in Gyro Mode. This function allows you making a turn with a large dip angle, even vertical rise and roll or other actions. After finished these actions, you only need to move the stick to the center to make the plane back. 
                  12.Vertical Take-off and Landing: A unique fpv fixed wing plane with vertical taken off and landing function.


                  OSD Interface

                  Package Included:
                  1x Arkbird Nano Autopilot
                  1x Arkbird Nano current sensor
                  1x Arkbird Nano GPS
                  1x Full set cable

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