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AS128 Dual 4P Full Color RGB Music Spectrum Display Screen KTV Stage LED Rhythm Lights 64 Modes


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                  Main features of AS128 spectrum:

                  1, using 32-bit high-speed ARM processor, spectrum display precision, quasi, beautiful, can do sweep test;
                  2. Electret microphone and line input two signal acquisition methods;
                  3. With professional-grade AGC (automatic gain control), the audio has a wide adaptive range, which not only ensures the accuracy and effect of the spectrum, but also avoids the situation that the volume is too small to be displayed and the volume is turned up and displayed on the full screen;
                  4, up to 64 color mode combination, set with power off memory;
                  5, double button design, 1 control mode, one control color.


                  This control card can control the 75 interface 32*64 point P4 P5 P6 full-color dot matrix module. This card supports cascade of up to 2 screens or single screen operation.
                  Please connect the display screen in the following order, pay attention to the arrow direction of the display screen, and connect the line from the control card to the left input arrow;
                  The card can display 64 color mode combinations. The mode is regulated by K1, and the color is regulated by K2.
                  This spectrum standard is 3.5mm headphone jack input, if your audio output is RCA lotuses interface, please buy lotuses to 3.5 conversion line;
                  When the signal input port is suspended, it is normal for the bottom of the spectrum to jump. If the 3.5mm earphone plug is inserted into the earphone port, a line at the bottom will be restored.
                  The potentiometers for spectrum control card R1 and R2 have been set to the best position by the factory. The user does not need to adjust them. If they have been adjusted carelessly, please restore them to the middle position.

                  DIP switch instruction:

                  S1 is voice control switch. ON position is open voice control, OFF position is OFF voice control. S2 is set with single and double screens, and ON position is set with double screens. After S2 is set, it needs power ON again to take effect.
                  Product size: 51.2×12.8 cm

                  Package included:

                  1 x AS128 Dual 4P Full Color RGB Music Spectrum Display Screen

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